Planting a vineyard, accompanying it throughout its growth; living side by side every day, being happy about its progress, making sure that it thrives; helping it produce healthy fruits which taste exciting; this is our commitment.

For us creating a vineyard is like giving birth to a child (we hope you won’t mind the metaphor): we wish for it, imagine it, then finally here it is in our hands. We care for and accompany it in its growth and take care of it, to make sure it can express its own personality. We live every moment together and rejoice in its good health which means that it will become a living memory, Our Future.

“Steeped in a high hill environment, with multifaceted soils and well planned exposures, our vineyards work with us, enhancing our region as well as the vine-dressers’ work at Terre di Bruca”

We live the vine, its seasons, its fruits, from which we produce a wine which tells about the essence of a vineyard and of Sicily. A vineyard which the staff at Terre di Bruca works hard to create and cultivate, plant after plant, day after day. We dedicate to each of our vines our care and interest, to better understand its progress and the best time to push it or to pamper it. “Vital concept vine experience” This is our reality.

Our mission is to be passionate in to excite you as much as possible, from the wine to the bottle.