Terre di Bruca is a product of our passion for the vineyard and for the moments of great intensity which it provides. Telling about a vineyard, the places and lands in which it has grown through its wine is our life’s purpose.

Our history

In 2009 the brothers Matteo and Daniele Barbera together with their friend Giuseppe Blunda, bought the farm called Bruca, in a beautiful setting at the foot of the archaeological area in Segesta, where they decided to start producing their own wines. Their priority, based on the agronomy and winemaking experiences acquired over the years, was to produce something which could truly express the atmosphere of the region where these wonderful vineyards grow. Also thanks to technical support from winemaker Vincenzo Bambina as well as to the basic and natural production techniques used, the company aims at using its wines as a way to express its feeling. In other words enhance the taste and pleasure of good wine, “simply producing high quality”.

“Our days follow the rhythms of the vineyard, of the leaves brushed by the wind which intertwine with our hands, music to our ears. Telling about a vineyard, the sites and soils in which it has grown, through its wine, it our life’s purpose”

This challenge has led to Terre di Bruca wines, innovative though simple, diverse in their vivacity, unique in terms of harmony and with a superior aroma; in our view, they are able to achieve balance over madness. Enjoy Our Wine, everyone!


Passion drives us to careful and painstaking experimentation with innovative vine varieties, constantly striving to fill a unique niche on the market, rediscovering and enhancing Sicilian cultivars which can give us intense emotions.

The cellar, an important tool for winemaking, for us remains a useful through cold building, where – glass in hand – we go to assess the natural progress of our wines.

What makes us different, and to our mind outstanding, are the continuous exchanges, collaborations and consultations with the greatest winemaking experts on the market, from Italy and abroad.

We dedicate most of our resources to vineyards and to proper management of the latter to make sure that, year after year, despite their natural diversity, they are able to fully express their potential in the wine produced, through the following distinguishing features:

  • Passion
  • Intensity
  • Balance
  • Originality
  • Tradition
  • Dedication
  • Effort